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What's In My Bag

When we were born - we were a blank slate. We didn't know what was right and wrong. We had no judgement - of others, of the world, and most importantly, of ourselves.

As we grow, we learn, and we put this knowledge in a bag that we believe are truths. We carry this around, and we live our life through this filter.


  1. I believed that any type of conflict was bad.

  2. I believed perfectionism was something to always strive for.

  3. I believed that compromise was the only positive action to take when things got tough.

It's not to say these beliefs are wrong. It has gotten me to where I am today, and I am grateful. With that being said, it also made me feel incredibly safe and comfortable.

  1. It made me scared to ask for what I wanted because I avoided conflict at all cost.

  2. I also spent a lot of energy being stuck (and never showing up) because it wasn't "perfect" yet.

  3. Most importantly, there's a part of compromise that is about giving up something to keep the peace (or meet in the middle). Sometimes we're just "fine" and "okay", but it can breed a mediocre life. What if there are better options out there?

There's a lot of stuff in my bag that narrowed my perspectives of what I could achieve, and therefore limited my options for choice.

Personal development is a life journey... even though I feel so self-aware, I am still pulling stuff out of my bag, examining it, and challenging it.

As I continue to dig and let go of the things that no longer serve me, I take one step closer to remembering who I really am.

If you're curious to know what's in your bag, what's keeping you safe, or what's holding you back - book a Discovery Session with me. The support of a life coach can really help to accelerate this process - often times we don't even realize it's a filter (a learned perspective) because it is so deep-seated in our minds that it's the truth.

I'll end this post with this...

Can you remember who you were,

before the world told you who you should be?


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